way to test screen responsiveness, randomly goes to home screen


Feb 10, 2011
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sometimes my touches dont seem to register, im not sure if its me or the phone, it doesnt happen with only the screen but also the 4 buttons on the bottom, sumtimes i would have to press the back button several times before it registered, is there sum kind of way to test if certain parts of the screen are less sensitive with an app maybe? i also dont know if this has anything to do with it the touchscreen, but sumtimes the home button would register without me touching ANYWHERE near it, i would even feel the vibration as if i typed it, sumtimes i dont feel it and it still goes, using while typing text messages. As far as i knew i thought this was a software issue, but going to 2.3.3 doesnt seem to change anything. i thought this would be my first phone that i wouldnt have to exchange =[


AC Adviser
Nov 21, 2010
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Sorry that you are having those issues. You can check in the market for an app but as far as settings there doesn't seem to be any touchscreen sensitivity setting. If this keeps happening I would say to contact Samsung.