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Fred V1

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Jun 5, 2019
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I kinda have an issue I don't understand. When I usually connect to this network at home, the signal bars are always full. But last month, we went to a birthday vacation to a place that lacks any signal connection. After we went home, suddenly the WCDMA signal behaves as if there's no signal at all in home, going at only one signal bar and an incredibly slow internet connection. Going outside only raises it at two bars. It frustrated my brain. What kind of issue is it?



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May 16, 2014
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There are a lot of unknown variables in your question so a valid suggestion is something of a problem.
-- What phone do you have? There are different possible solutions depending on if you have a newer or a older model. Or depending on just how old it is, it might be time to just upgrade to a newer model.
-- Which version of Android is your phone currently running? That could also be an important factor.
-- Who is your carrier? That's likely to be the most important unknown.
-- Where to you reside? Another unknown that's pretty important. If you live in the U.S., keep in mind that WDCDMA is essentially just a variant of 3G and all the major carriers are in the process or have already decommissioned their 3G cellular networks for public use (sticklers insist on pointing out it's still available for things like IoT and emergency services usage, missing the public availability aspect.). In the EU some 3G networks are still active however. But the bottom line is most carriers now rely upon 4G/LTE as a default with 5G becoming more prevalent.

But have you contacted your carrier? On an online help forum all any of us can do is make opinionated suggestions. Your carrier is still the primary source for practical solutions. Could be a matter where your carrier updated their cellular service recently so just need to get a new SIM card or make an adjustment to your phone's APN setting, or they might have shut down the local cell tower in your neighborhood.

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