Weak to NONE 4G and 3G network signals, what can I do?


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Weak to NONE 4G and 3G network signals.

I just bought the Nexus 5X, nice device overall but I encounter some reception issues (in my flat) with the recommended, default, 4G and the 3G connectivity ( very poor signal to none, the network bar is empty). They work perfectly outside though. The 2G option has full reception. What is there to do?

I'm on Orange, Romania, and just got a new nano-sim for this device.

Things I have tried:

-Turn airplane mode on, then turning it back off

-Reboot phone. When it is off removed the SIM card and then re inserted it and turn on.

-Check Settings/more/cellular network/preferred network type and try to change to each of the network settings,

-Reset network settings from Backup&Reset

*Other phones got slightly poor internet reception too but their overall signal is good, and their network bars are filled whereas I got no bar

*The previous Moto G did just fine and always had H+ in my home (to mention that I changed my micro-sim, which was the sim the Moto G was on to a new nano-sim to suit the Nexus )

*In some parts of the house it alternates from a half-full network bar to an empty network bar (usually it is just a 5-10 sec. filled and then back to empty)

*When I manage to have some lines in the network bar, the mobile data stays at E.


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Re: Weak to NONE 4G and 3G network signals.

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