Weather frog app & blurry pictures of equipment type labels

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I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and AT&T up and mailed me a Calypso U318AA (I believe made by Tinno Mobile Technology) because they said my old one would not work on there VOLTE. Anyway as you can see I don't have to have to biggest and best up to date phone out there obviously. Two things I have a question about are the Google weather frog app as I used that quite often and from what I can tell it won't work on this phone because it is using Google Go instead of just the regular bigger in size app would that be correct? I did download the weather frog app from the play store but it states you need google app to run this. So I guess that is one of the downsizing features that was cut on the go version.
Next question is dealing with the cameras. I notice this one does not seem to have the auto focus as the S3 mini did and I have a hard time getting a very clear or in focus of like a parts label on a piece of equipment. I am in industrial instrumentation and use a phone for taking pics of equipment labels, circuit boards, motors, etc. all the time. Some it will actually do a pretty decent job and you can read them but others not so much at all just blurry. It is like it will not focus is that just a trait of this just being a cheap entry level phone or am I missing something here? I have played with the front facing camera some and it seems to do a lot better job on some but not all. I also notice the front camera will at times put up the partial square like that is where it is going to focus but when using the back camera that never pops up and even before you take the picture it will be blurry looking. Both back and front are 5MP cameras. So with that being said I guess I need a new pricy phone to get what I am looking for this one to do? Other than those two issues I really don't have a problem with using this phone its a lot faster than the S3 mini that was still on android 4.4.2. This one is running android 10 go apps if that helps any. Are there any apps that would help with my issues like scanner apps or anything along those lines. I briefly looked into the scanner apps only because they state they are designed to scan like pages or writing like on the labels. I do kind of like the stripped down approach as I seem to like just simple and to the point but I guess you give up some things for that like the google weather frog app that I got so used to and camera options.


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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Although I haven't found any definitive information about it, you're probably correct in that the weather frog is not available with Android Go

It would seem from this support page that the Calypso should have autofocus, at least for the rear camera: if you tap on part of the screen, do you see or hear any kind of autofocus indication?

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