Weather updates are slowww


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Nov 14, 2009
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Is there anyway to specify the refresh interval on the weather? I got the phone yesterday and it was showing sunny at midnight, when the sun went down at 6p. It is set to automatically update, but apparently it doesn't occur too often.

Also I would like to maintain a static location for the weather on my home screen, but it appears the one on the home screen is just one that is tracked through GPS, which again is a problem because it rarely updates location or temperature.


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Nov 8, 2009
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If you click on the weather it will open up and you can change it. It seems to update once every.... 4hrs or so. If you open up the full app you can also manually update it. The day and night thing however usually only changes automatically. Accuweather(company who updates the app) has a preset day and night time on there system so that icon changes at that specific time. They may change it now that its winter... but dont count on it. The app gets alil buggy every once and awhile but a battery pull usually fixes any issues.