Weird sound/feel near back camera/processor area!!!

Vlad Florin

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Dec 10, 2014
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Hi to all,
I have bought a brand new SG S2 since December 2012 from an official store. I've updated via Samsung's official app to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 when it arrived for my country and for now no problems with the phone. But now, for a couple of months back I've started to experience some issues with the phone and I'm trying to find out if some one knows about it or has experienced until now.
When I'm browsing via the provider internet network in 2G at GPRS/EDGE level mobile data transmission or when I'm home on my wireless network and I'm watching some videos on Youtube or checking Facebook, I feel on the back camera area a light vibrating-feedback/more of a sound like "klerk klerk klerk" or like when a pocket camera is trying to focus automatically with no results or when you have a hard time swallowing something on your dry throat.
This situation appears times to times, for maybe a second and disappears, but sometime this "feel" if it takes a little bit longer I have to tap the back camera in order for that sound/feel to disappear.
Does anyone knows if this is normal or should I worry?
Maybe it's a sign that the processor it's possible to brake down in the upcoming future?! Or the graphic chip-set is too solicited?
Any help? :D
Thank you,

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