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Weird wifi choose your provider messagin when trying to connect to wifi


AC Question

Sincew June(mid June of this yr) Ive received a weird pop up screen that askes me to choose my wifi provider (and lists several providers) to connect to wifi.

THe weird thing is..I never received this prior to june and get it when I'm say at malls, sporting events and such...(like Target) where these places have free wifif to use.

Has anyone else received this message or screen and if so, how do i NOT get it any further.

Thanks in advance.


New member
Sep 1, 2011
Yep, and it's no big deal-many different cable companies and ISP offer free WiFi hotspots now, when you're in a place that offers several services, you get that pop up..


Retired Ambassador
Aug 26, 2013
Like mentioned above, it will happen whenever you're in a public place that offers several WiFi networks.
As far as not getting the message anymore, you'd probably have to keep WiFi off when in those places.

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