Welcome outgoing SIII owners!


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Nov 21, 2012
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I've been noticing a rather substantial increase in posters who are coming from the venerable Galaxy S3... Then I saw the date and it clicked... all those people who got chained to those two year contacts when the S3 came out are finally getting put on parole.

It's like a digital Baby Boom!

What are the next milestones tied to a new device? The S3 sold a ton, this might be the last, great phone migration.


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Nov 11, 2014
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GS3 owner here. Gotta say, it's been one tough phone. I work construction and I'm not nice to my phones, really...they're just one giant pain in the rear to me. They used to be fun but business and constant interruptions during down time makes me treat it with disdain...hence the rough handling. I have a very thin case on it (elate breathe case) and it's never stopped ticking, actually quite amusing to see the abuse it takes. So I really don't buy into that LifeProof or OtterBox stuff, I think they just play into peoples fears and profit greatly off of it.

Functionally the phone works fine, albeit a bit slow compared to the newer models. For the main functions of the phone (no gaming here) it's still good but some of the features of the newer ones are attractive to me, specifically the voice command aspects of the Motos but after reading the Moto forums they're not as functional as they're advertised to be so I'm back to square one and looking at the G3 since the Turbo is having too many issues.

Honestly don't know when I'm going to pull the trigger...I don't HAVE to get one since the GS3 still works. Overall the GS3 has been good despite the TW, but given the choice I'd rather do without the Samsung heavy hand, but I can't argue about the quality of their devices...the S6 will have earned a look at least from me if I'm still without a new phone by then.

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