Well This Is Me :P


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May 26, 2012
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Hello, I'm An Android Lover, I'm Sixteen, I Have An HTC Rezound Rooted, And A Asus Transformer Prime Rooted, And I Used To Have Droid Incredible Rooted Until It Eventually Fried From Over Clocking And Modifying The WIFI Adapter (Turned It Into Backtrack 5 RT1 Tool) But Anyways :p Hello! And I Do Actually Have A Question I Would Like To Set Up My Transformer Prime To Monitor Everything On My Desktop/Laptop As In Monitoring The Cpu Speed/Temp The WIFI Up And Down Stream, And Anything Else I Can Think Of, I'm Already Using It To Turn My Lights On And Off In My Room And Run My Command Center Audio System, But I Have Yet To Figure Out How To Monitor My Desktop/Laptop Other Than Using It As A Third Screen Which Is Pointless -.- So If Anyone Could Help I'd Greatly Appreciate It <3
Apr 26, 2010
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Well after reading that long one line sentence :) I just wanted to say welcome to the forums....You fried your DINC!!! How dare you ruin the best android device ever released!

I don't know about the transformer.....what are you using to turn off the lights, etc. Mine runs through my alarm service.