went swimming with my phone, couple ?s


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Jun 8, 2012
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I searched but didnt find anything, maybe i wasnt using the right key words. I went swimming with my iphone 3gs of 3 years on sunday. I took the plunge today and got an android, galaxy s II. i like it so far.

Are they anything that id be familiar with coming from the apple IOS to this one? also, the iphone refuses to turn on even after sitting in rice for days.

i didnt have any numbers saved to my SIM but i did have the icloud and had backed up my phone maybe 4 days before that when i jail broke it. Is there any possible way to get my contacts etc. from either the back up on itunes or icloud to my android? and if not any way to just see them on my PC and atleast copy them by hand? thanks for any help!!