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Aug 31, 2011
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?What A Girl? is an application designed to locate the attractive women.

The objective of ?What A Girl? application is to produce a world map of the most beautiful women.
The system uses the localization of the hotties produced by the users in order to know where to find them.
With this application you can now visualize where are the best areas to spend your time.
You can also use ?What A Girl? to optimize your daily ride functions of girls.

-Why to use ?
For the fun.
To Visualize where are the best areas to spend your time.

-How to use ?
1 : Check the map to find some the best area.
2 : At the area observe your environment.
3 : Update the map by pushing the red button or using the time slider.

-A funny and collaborative project
It?s you and the other users who produced the map, be nice and locate just some attractive women.
This useful and simple application will become a daily help, think about it boys !

Web site : 3w.whatagirl.fr/EN/
Press release : 3w.whatagirl.fr/presse/WHATAGIRL_EN.pdf

:confused: Sorry for some expressions in English that is not my first tongue