What caused every single PAST inactive alarm and timer to all go off - one after the other.

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On my tablet - which I had for about one year - I didn't used to delete alarms after shutting them off - they were not set to repeat and never did repeat. They were set for all different times for all different reasons.

Then one day, one of those past alarms went of - I didn't notice the time it was set for, but it was unexpected - I don't even remember now what I did with that alarm, but I either shut it off or deleted it. BUT - a few seconds later - an alarm went off again - this time I deleted it - but then after that every single past alarm went off in a row. As soon as I deleted one, a few seconds later, another would ring - until every one had gone off and been deleted. My 7 year old granddaughter was home as each of these alarms went off so we were just laughing as it happened. Just after the last alarm had gone off, she went out - but no sooner had she shut the door - than there was yet another alarm go off - only this time - it was a timer. Thankfully it was the only timer I had ever set!

Anyway, it has not happened since - but then again - now I almost always delete my alarms as soon as they go off - when they are supposed to go off. It seemed like a harmless virus had pranked me or something - but is there even such a thing - not to mention that nobody else has access to my tablet - and no, it was not April Fool's Day - but what could have been the cause? I'm really just curious.

Thanks for any feedback, Linda

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