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What celebrities use Android phones?


AC Question

I know a lot of celebrities back in the day used to use BlackBerry phones. I remember when CrackBerry used to post photos of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba all rocking their BBs. And then they mainly all seemed to switch to iPhones. Or wait, I think Alba went Windows Phone, but you know what I mean.

But with the #THEFAPPENING happening recently, I wonder if we'll see celebs switching off iPhones to other phones. I can't see them going back to BlackBerry or using Windows Phone, so I'm thinking we'll see more Android users on the platform.

Does anybody know what celebrities are currently rocking Android phones?!

Thanks Android Central!


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Nov 30, 2014
I was wondering the same.
Emmy rossum switched from the iphone to the note 3 and now is with motorola promoting the moto x

Dax Shepard and kristen bell are samsung the whole way.

Ashton kutcher is with lenovo now and playing with their phones with android I heard

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