What did Florida Man do on your birthday?


Feb 23, 2011
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For those that may not know, we have a thing in the U.S. known as Florida Man. The state of Florida has some of the most transparent open records in the country, so it's relatively easy to find some crazy crime, arrest, and similar actions mentioned in the news. Any time a headline starts out with, "Florida man..." expect to be in for a good time. For example, here's what Florida Man did on my birthday.

"A man from Florida was practicing karate against the swans, according to people around"



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Dec 7, 2012
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(I didn't have to register...)

Hilarious Site.

"Florida Man Says Multiple Syringes Found In Rectum Aren’t His"

My birthday will never be the same...
I wonder if they had the hypodermics attached...

On my birthday, Florida man decided to show off his new gun to fellow bar patrons, and shot himself.

And just so you guys are aware, we DEFINITELY know about Florida man outside the US lol.