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What does 'Android Upgrading - Starting Apps' mean? (Also, cannot access home screen)


AC Question

I had to factory reset my motorola moto g 2nd gen. However, upon startup, the setup wizard would crash at 'motorola migrate' segment. The screen would go black, and it would respond to anything, but it wouldnt display the homescreen. Upon rebooting, it was black screen with 'Android upgrading - starting apps' with a spinny loading wheel. I left it on this screen overnight, but it stayed on it without changing.

I factory reset again, and managed to bypass motorola migrate. I could use applications, I could access notifications, I could install apps, but I couldn't access the homescreen. Upon going home, it would just display the wallpaper, with the google searhc bar and notifications bar. I had to power it off, and the Android Upgrading window happened again.