What happened to the paid apps that I purchased when I root my android?


Dec 24, 2009
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hello I am using my touch 3g with donut via T mobile
and I am thinking of rooting my android to cynogenMod, but right before when I start to back up my sd card, I suddenly reminded the apps that I purchased from Android Market.

So here's my question:
1. what happen to purchased apps if I root to CynogenMod? do I need to purchase it again?
2. can I still have general android market after I root my android?
3. I heard there will be Eclair (2.0) update soon for MT3G, then do I need to roll rooted android back to get Eclair update?

Jerry Hildenbrand

Space Cowboy
Staff member
Oct 11, 2009
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1. No. The market remembers your purchases, as long as you sign in with the same account.
2. Yes. It is the same.
3. If you want to use CyanogenMod, refuse any OTA update. Steve will have Cyanogen updated usually within a few hours and you can use the CyanogenUpdater instead.