What I should do with my phone?


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Feb 4, 2016
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What i should do with my phone?

Hello guys, I'm very beginner at Android Central Forum. This is my first thread.

My story is that is i got a phone in 2013, maybe 2014. An Orange Zali (Orange Branded, ZTE KIS PRO Model)
Firstly it was enough for me, but after it started to get slow. This was going and going. The phone got everyday slower.. Actually it was 3 minutes to open chrome, 1 minutes to respond to the home button. And you know what i mean, The phone was cleaned everyday. Deleting Cache, Clean-Master ETC..

One day it was enough for me, and i decided to root it. It did finish with success, using FramaRoot app. The reason why i rooted was firstly to delete Orange CrapWare but that didn't help me anything. I did know that the bootloader was locked and the phone was Orange Branded, but i made the biggest mistake ever. I tried to install custom recovery, shortly the equals was that the phone was BootLooping when i tried to boot in custom recovery. When i booted normal it was good, and it booted into Android. So now i have an unusable phone (Because of slowness) and without recovery.

Guys, please help me getting rid of Orange Branding, and unlocking a bootloader, and installing a rom. I know that almost nobody has this phone. But i tryed million of ways. But nothing helped me. I hope you will know more than I.

Regards, Fülöp Tíbor
From Romania:)

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