What I want to see in the next update for the Tab S3....


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Mar 2, 2017
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Seeing impressive software improvements coming to newer devices, I would really like to get those features/upgrades on my current tablet since it is still *insanely* powerful and all around great. Here is the list of things:

-Linux 4.x kernel. Must have if we want proper custom ROMs after this thing loses official support in a year or two.
-DeX, the SD820 is blazing fast and there is no excuse not to add DeX in the update.
-Reasonably new security patch. Checked some time ago and no post-Oreo updates. Still stuck on ANCIENT security patch (even my rather niche phone got 2 updates in a week a few weeks ago).
-Some sort of turbo mode, like HTC's "high performance mode" or the ZUK Z2's infamous "overclock mode".
-Although I use Nova launcher, I am still angry as hell about Samsung's launcher update that came with Oreo and made everything hard to use.
-Android Pie is a *must*.
-USB C to HDMI adapter support. It cannot be that hard to add a driver for that. Come on, Samsung.


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Jul 7, 2013
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The device will get Pie, next year. It DEFINITELY won't be the next update.

I believe Samsung publicly said that tablets and mid-range phones will get security updates quarterly. That's better than the 6 months we saw from August last year to Feb. this year. We should be due for a security patch soon if they hold to the quarterly scheme.