what if I don't want to update to Pie 9

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I just got S8 and it is working on 8 -oreo
yesterday, my phone stared to bug me to do update to 9-pie.
after research decide to stay with 8, and after longggg research turn off the auto updates off from developer option(which I added),
now I still see the update notification when I scroll down but my question is:
will eventually my phone stop working if I don't update, since that is what happened to a friend of mine couple years back or it will be ok?


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Nov 22, 2014
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It won't stop working. If you're in the US, the phone will just suddenly update itself without prompt. That's part of the contracts you sign with carrier.

Anyway, Android 9 on my S9 is awesome.


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Feb 12, 2012
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The only way to keep it from updating is to root it. (The update checks the integrity of a lot of things first. At about the 22% point, it checks for root. When it sees that, it "fails", so the phone won't get updated. [You also won't get any security patches.]) If the notification still bothers you, you can find the OTA app (it's a system app) and freeze it with something like Link2SD.