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What is beta, hidden apps/menu, and secretive features on Android/LG

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Android Central Question

Firstly, please do not judge me as I have been researching, self teaching, and investigating for the better part of a year. My husband and I have a phone plan together, we have each other's email account info, Google info , phone passwords etc. BUT... something is NOT RIGHT! My intuition is and has been strongly suggesting infidelity is at play here and I'm quite sure of it as well. (Just for the nosy-rosies- my husband and I have been together off/on since childhood, battled addiction together, and I have done some despicable and unforgivable things to him that NO human being should endure, and he STILL stood by my side) but, now I have come to realize he hasn't really gotten over it and feels entitled to a pass ETC. My point, therefore tying this story to THIS forum, I want him to get help, this is the person I love and cherish and I am not going to give up on him when he stayed for me. I've repeatedly asked him about secret apps, hidden menus etc ALL being vehemently denied. I need physical PROOF of this trickery so I can be confident when confronting him. Main issues are, it says he is texting one person and it's their legitimate phone number but it's not that person?? Like that name/number is a cover for who it really is? I know he uses Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc but those apps are not installed? He also uses a launcher for some things instead of Google or whatever? PLEASE help me discern this mystery??? This is NOT about drama or being malicious, only that I deeply love my husband and I have been accountable for my wrongs and done the personal work to be a better and completely changed person, and now it's his turn. He also was NEVER like this before, and it's destroying me and us.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
A launcher app is simply the homescreen interface.

Sorry, we don't discuss invading another person's privacy, even if it's a spouse. I would suggest talking to a marriage counselor instead. Thread closed.
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