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What is Rich Communication Suite ? and How do we Remove this


New member
Apr 23, 2011
HTC one users on Vodafone got this app
and Now Sony Z2 users with a update 4.4.4
What is this and can we just avoid using this ?
Android central you need to look into what is going on

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Perhaps you could contact Vodafone and ask them? Sounds like it might be an app specific to them.


Trusted Member Team Leader
Dec 4, 2012
Can you show us a screenshot of the app, or give the developer name? I tried looking in Play and didn't see anything.


Retired Ambassador
Aug 26, 2013
Did this app come with the phone or was it included in an update (on your One)?

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New member
Apr 23, 2011
The App in the Play store is called Messanger+ and the developer is
Rich Communications | Network 2020
Vodafone under alot of pressure and me loosing my Profile on there eforum has at long last do some help and info after the event
on Email and messaging - Vodafone Message+ app -Vodafone-Help
But there was Nothing for there users i had been on there erforum for years and put up with there Bloatware but this was a Joke
when the phone re boots it gets to the installing apps screen after a update, it then ask's you for a phone number with no option to avoid this
its a Third party Bloatware run and controlled by another company
RCS in other countries has flopped so why Vodafone signed up to this heaven knows
As for Asking Vodafone there 191 or Live chat as they have no longer a CS department have no idea what CRS is
Live chat said that it must be a third party app and not to instal this
strange that as its pre loaded on Vodafones firmware
CRS is basicly a Skype replacement and in 2008 it did not take off but Skype did
its Vodafone trying to get more Money from there customers by wanting them to use up there data
They give info on there help page to Turning this off
But then in Applications manager its still running and they have greyed out the disable feature
There is going to be allot of unbranding going on