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What is the Verizon Premium Store Refund Policy?


AC Question

I purchased a GS6 about 10 days ago paying $250. $100 down payment for edge, $50 for GS6 tax, $100 in store accessories. After researching a bit, I found out that I've been completely ripped off and decided to try to return the phone. I went into the store today to try to make a refund but the manager told me that there would be a $100 restocking fee and the down payment would probably not get refunded. Their restocking policy clearly states that it will be only applied for phones that have been damaged and my phone is in pristine condition. The manager said that the GS6 is a special case because it is a premium/new phone even though it's not written on the refund policy. I researched a little about the down payment refund and it seems like it is possible to get it back. I am supposed to get a call tomorrow from the manager to see if I can make the return without losing out on too much money.

Is it legal for the manager to say that I need to pay $100 restocking fee even though the phone is not damaged? It says $100 restocking fee for iphones but mine is the Galaxy S6. What should I do to get a full refund? (I am aware that the $100 accessory cannot be refunded)
Apr 21, 2015
Re: Verizon Premium Store Refund Policy

Legally companies can do whatever they want unless you want to take them to court, but you would go to an arbitrator that they hire instead :)

I would call corporate and try that angle while nicely annoying the hell out of the manager.

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