What is wrong with my phone and my home wifi?


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So about 3 weeks ago i accidentally did a factory reset on my galaxy s4. After doing so i was able to login to my wifi just fine for a while. Then my home wifi password was changed and it was working just fine even after that. Then all of the sudden im just not able to use the internet period whether it is YouTube, Chrome, The Google Play Store, Imgur, ifunny, etc. It says im connected to my home's wifi so im assuming it's an issue with my phone but then again when i go to the gym I have no problem whatsoever connecting to their wifi and im able to use it as needed. It sounds like it's a problem with our router but every single device in the entire house is working perfectly. So in conclusion it is either something wrong with my house's wifi communicating to my phone or im just stupid. One thing that i forgot to mention is i made sure the wifi timer was disabled. I believe my device's os is up to date but if it isn't then i won't have a way of updating it unless i can connect to wifi.


Jun 10, 2016
Have you tried to go into Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose your home wi-fi and click "Forget"? After that just manually select this network again, enter password and check if it works.

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