What is your camera settings setup?


Feb 8, 2014
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I have been using the camera a lot more often now that we have a 6 month old acting all goofy, and the pictures aren't coming out all that great compared to what I have seen on here.

I understand there are a million different combos, I was hoping I could gather a few list of setups I could try out and see what works best for me.

Some of my photos turn out great, yet others are blurry and just crappy.

Thanks for the help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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If they're blurry, you're not focusing on the subject (maybe you're focusing on the background) or you're not holding the camera still for the full exposure time. I use Camera FV-5 Lite so I have a little control - spot focusing, exposure (shorter exposures mean less shake, smaller F-stop means deeper depth-of-field), and never hand-hold a shot if you can avoid it, lean your hand against something solid. The new Lollipop camera is supposed to give even better control.

With a 16MP camera used correctly, you should be able to blow the shots up to at least 2 or 3 feet long without noticeable blur. I used to make pretty good 8X10s with a 3MP camera.