What is your Frankenphone?


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Feb 23, 2017
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Hello Mr.Mobile, if you can take each part from different smartphone and stitch them all together what part from which phone would it has? What is your Frankenphone?

For example:

Note 7 screen
LG V20 Dac
One Plus 3 dash charge
Dual sim slot with seperate sdcard slot like in Galaxy A9
Pure Android like Googke Pixel



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Sep 3, 2010
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Haha - these questions always devolve into craziness, but sure, here's a weird answer for ya:

Body: Moto X '14 with leather back and a fingerprint scanner where the dimple is
Display: Don't change a damn thing except for letting me make it dimmer at night
SoC: something nice and modern. 821 or 835. Backed up by 6GB of RAM because dammit, yes I can tell a difference
OS: Android N, Pixel launcher, Moto improvements
Camera: Drop the Galaxy S7's camera right in
FFC: The one from the HTC 10 with OIS
Charging: Qi + QC 3.0
Headphone jack: I don't need it; use the space for that impossible battery
Halo accessory: Some new version of HTC Dot View case that plays nice with Moto Display

I would pay, like, $1000 for this phone. F'real.


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May 17, 2012
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I'd dust off the moulds to start printing Nexus 5/5X type plastic bodies to keep costs down 32GB for $350
Same screen, 1080P ~5inch is perfect, fits in my car's cupholders :p, easy 1 hand operation and no unnecessary battery drain.
Maximum performance yet, developer friendly (Nexus level of Custom ROM development, yet pay the devs for their work, and you've got a phone that makes jobs)
Galaxy S5 type execution of water resistance with removable back/battery.
Trinity NuAns NEO type swappable design back plates (who needs skins)
Quick Charge would be nice but I'd give a nut for a hot swappable battery, wireless charging not necessary.
Wouldn't say no to a better camera (LG G5 dualies, I'm looking at you), $350 price more important..
I'm getting aroused for this new 'Remix Singularity' Rom so 4-6GB of ram would be the go.
Maximum repairability
SD card slot, Headphone jack, USB C (I don't need lame headphones in the box thankyou)
Squeeze all the mAh you can..
Oh and iMessage, thankyou iPhone, you can leave now...

If you could pull some strings that'd be great :)