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Sep 11, 2011
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Hey all...
New to the forum here though have been reading intently the past few weeks.

I'm due for a Sprint upgrade, longing to move on from the touch pro 2 that has seen better days. Its been beat to hell, and is bogged dwn and laggy as could be desite factory resets etc.

Definately going to android. Loving it on my Asus Transformer.

Now the problem...I have concerns about the major offerings.

Evo 3D...concerns about call quality, drop calls as I do use my phone a fair amount for work.

Photon...may be the front runner for me right now. Went to the sprint store and checked out the pentile screen. I could see some pixelation and screen door but reaslly only when I was trying too look for it. Probably not a deal breaker. Disappointed by the lack of dev support so far.

SGS2...May be too big. I usually keep my phone in my front pants pocket, nd this may push the limits. I live in fear of returning to the days of the hp ipaq h6315. also, the history of poor samsung supportis a concern.

So going to wait at least until the sgs2 is out to decide, but continuing to read and pull my hair out over this decision... :mad:

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