What on earth happened to extreme call blocker from the play store?


Aug 12, 2011
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Does anyone know what happened to Extreme Call Blocker on the player store? In my opinion the absolute best non-root call blocker I have used on my S9+. I had it set to block all calls except contact entries never had issues. I hard reset my phone a couple weeks ago and it's one of the first apps I install and it's gone. I included some links from way back machine obviously I had a license for this app. They just seem to have vanished with no talks on what really happened. I e-mailed old support e-mail I had, no response. I could sideload an APK of last version as I did buy it so not looking for free hand outs but if they are done and no longer going to be updating the app I need to find a replacement that works just as well in terms of battery life, deleting junk numbers from call log, not making my phone ring. Kicks them to VM if it's important they leave a message.

Any idea what happened to this app and suggestions for a modern replacement that can do what it did on an S9+ that's fine if it's paid app which I prefer anyway to support dev and get updates.

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Feb 12, 2012
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I would guess that the developer lot interest in maintaining the app (it was last updated 2 years ago) or he died. That's what usually happens to apps not maintained by a large company.


Dec 9, 2012
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I noticed earlier this year that Extreme Call Blocker was no longer hanging up on blacklisted numbers, and calls were routing to my voice mail. I tried adjusting settings but regardless of the options I selected, all calls would go to voice mail, even though the app said the call was hung up on. I emailed the developer a few times but got no response. Around the same time I read that an update from Android prevents 3rd party apps from disconnecting callers.

My guess is that since the best feature of the app was disabled they just retired the app. It sucks because the built in phone options "block" calls by just suppressing the ring and letting the call go to voicemail. If I wanted a call to go to voice mail I just wouldn't answer it! I want junk callers and phishing scams to be disconnected - not leave me the last half of a recording that I have to delete!

Right now I'm using the free version of YouMail. Not my favorite, as it routes all of your calls through their service, but it is able to get around the Android update and disconnect junk calls (like the fake calls that spoof the area code and first 3 digits of your phone number to make the number look familiar in hopes you'll answer) and can even play an out of service message for known spam numbers or your blacklisted numbers.

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