What Phone is Best Upgrade from Moto X 2014?

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*** What phone from the past 18 months can I purchase that will provide an experience comparable to or better than the Moto X that is at least a small step up in performance? Bonus points if the phone has a 5.5-6.0 inch screen ***

Here's a little background:

I got VERY used to the hands-free features of the moto x 2014 pure edition, including:

- using voice commands to locate your phone, check the weather, search google, etc.
- waving hand over sleeping phone to check notifications and time
- karate chop gesture to open flashlight (worked with screen on OR off)
- double-flip gesture to open camera (also worked with screen on OR off)
- turn phone over to snooze alarm or incoming phone call
- active notifications (preferably colour - AMOLED display feature)
- runs very close to stock android & gets relatively fast OS updates

My Moto X 2014 Pure Edition (XT1095) got a big crack in it and, when I tried replacing the screen, I cracked the new screen (yes, I cursed... a LOT).

I have another Android phone (ZTE Axon 7) that works, but it drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY because its voice-activated features rarely work (really only works from home screen and some official Google apps), and the flashlight gesture requires the screen to be on.

I've been scouring reviews and comparison sites for the past 6 months, to no avail.

What phone will answer the big question, above?

Thanks in advance!


May 4, 2013
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I'm the OP and want to add one more detail:

In addition to the reasons above, I picked the Moto X 2014, originally, because it sported a large screen for its small form factor (ergo, small bezels around the screen).

So, having as large a screen as possible in a phone that's no bigger than a Pixel 2 XL would be ideal (much like the Essential Phone), in addition to the aforementioned Moto X features that I've come to love.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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