What Phone to buy for LTE that works on Straight Talk?


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Mar 8, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

I think you need to buy a sim card to get LTE speeds on Straight Talk. I don't know which phone I should buy? I have an LTE Z796C majesty and I like it so far. A bit short on internal ram is my only complaint so far. I would like to get one that will work on LTE in the 16127 area (Grove City, PA). I don't want to spend any more then 150 -175 or so. What would you suggest I buy? I just bought this one and want LTE speeds but need to know the ins and outs of LTE and what phone to get to do this...

Thanks so much!!!

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Feb 12, 2012
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You first need to know which carrier gives you coverage where you need coverage. (Having coverage all over your town except in your house wouldn't be very good.) Straight Talk uses AT&T, Sprint, TMobile and Verizon. Those are your choices. Find the carrier first, then you can talk about the phone. Choosing an AT&T phone, when TMobile is the only carrier you can get coverage, gets you a great - but totally useless - phone.

See which friends get good speeds in your house and ask their carrier. Same thing at work or school, in the mall, etc. "I'm trying to decide which cellphone carrier to use, and you seem to be getting great reception here. Do you mind if I ask who your carrier is?" may get you a strange look or two, but most people will be glad to tell you. And it looks less freaky that twisting your head around, trying to get a look at the emblem on their phone (which may not even be their carrier - you can reflash and unlock phones and use them on different carriers than the label claims.).