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What resolution is everybody recording video in?


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Feb 12, 2012
Since I don't have an 80" TV, 1024. Unless you're sitting so close to a 55" TV that you can see the individual dots in 1080, 4k isn't going to to do much as far as what you see.

If you're recording something for posterity - your baby's first steps, for instance, you might want to go to 4k, because by the time she's old enough for you to embarrass with the video, 4k will be an old technology that almost no one uses any more. (How many people still have 8mm silent film from when they were kids 60 years ago? Even when my daughter was born 40 years ago, we had sound.)

Anthony Martins Rock

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Aug 26, 2015
1080p for documenting throw away stuff like sending quick video to friends of a location or a detail sensitive "how to make a cake without burning the kitchen down".

4k for important or special stuff like the magical dancing squirrel that talks French to you in the way to work that no one would believe otherwise.

Smooth motion when possible.
Slow motion when I remember and would look great (some sport moves and fast moving skill stuff, motogp)
I have 64 gig phone and is easy to dump any amount of video that I may shoot on my phone.

I used to use micro SD cards. Pics andvids went right in. Then side sync came out and was using that on my note 4 with a USB cable. So fast (wifi works too). So i have so much space on my phone. I used to clog up my phone with old pics and video but I started looking at what was filling up my phone and do a bit of spring cleaning once in a while and all is good.

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Dec 30, 2011
I want to record "important" things in the highest resolution available...which is fine if I am going to upload it to Youtube or something...but if I want to just watch it back on my outdated 6 year old iMac it can't handle it....BUT as you mentioned this resolution will be old technology in the not too distant future and I'm sure I'll have a computer that will laugh at handling these videos.


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Dec 4, 2010
1080p because I can use all the features and I don't own anything that supports 4K anyways

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Sep 4, 2011
The video limitations are probably the ONLY complaint I have about the camera on my Edge+. Sure, there's 4K video but then you miss out on HDR, stabilization / tracking, and the ability to take photos during video. Those are some pretty steep limitations, especially the stabilization. On the other hand, I haven't had a chance to compare the stabilization between 4K and 1080p... is it really noticeable? I am a pretty shaky person when shooting video. Heck, even the 1080p/60 mode has these limitations, so I shoot mostly in 1080p/30.