What SMS apps allow combining conversations from a contact with multiple phones?

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Oct 18, 2019
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Several members of my family have multiple phones (my son the lawyer has an iPhone his firm provides and an iPhone he owns, my daughter has an iPhone and a Note 8 from work). Google's default Messages app shows each of them as two different conversations, and it doesn't show the number next to the icon, so about half the time I want to text them on their work phone, I select their personal phone and they don't always get the text right away...or I text them about something personal/family related and it ends up going to their work phone.
I use an app named Messages+ (part of Contacts+ app) that groups all the texts to/from one person together and lets me select the phone number to send to before I started typing...but they've "updated" that app to the point it's essentially useless now, so I'm looking for something else. Hangouts used to do the same thing before Google decided to screw everyone over on that app like they have so many others.

Are there any SMS/MMS apps that will let me have all the phones for one person under the same link and let me select which of their numbers I want to send a text to? I've looked on Google Play and searched through ratings sites and forums until my eyes hurt and I can't find anything that does has this obvious (I think) feature.

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