What to do if Adroid update was interrupted? Will it brick the phone?


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Jan 13, 2017
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I would greatly appreciate help with my Note 4 SM-N910G, Android 5.1.1 (Australian version)

Questions - full description of what happened afterwards:

1. Is Kies sufficient for backup and restore *everything* (photos, music, notes, SMS, accounts, etc.) if something goes wrong? Is there something better, or a procedure to follow to back up?

2. For the future, if the firmware update is started accidentally, is there a way to (safely) abort it?

3. Once downloaded, is there a way to flush (delete) the download and start afresh?

4. What should I do in the situation described below, where the download appeared to complete after several forced interruptions?

5. (Separate issue): With the current Android 5.1.1. I had to remove the 128 GB Samsung EVO SD card as it caused strange behaviour in the phone (erratic dialling, shutdown issues etc.) Does the 6.x version of Android have a fix for this, or could there be something else going on? (I don't think it's a faulty SD card as it has happened with other SD cards.)

--- Description:

- I accidentally started software update download. Didn't want to do so at that time as I was about to leave for the airport for a two week trip and didn't want to risk messing up the phone.

- Couldn't find any way to abort the download so disabled wifi. I thought that would stop it and require it to be manually started from the beginning i.e. that owuld abort the download.

- However, the d/load resumed when wifi was re-enabled. Switched off wifi again a while later, but again it resumed when wifi was re-enabled. Eventually seemed to terminate normally after downloading the whole (large) file. I assume that this is for Android 6.x. This is a 'cleanskin' unlocked phone, not bought through a carrier, so I assume the download came from Samsung with their 'clean' version of the software (not a carrier-specific version).
D/load completed but not installed - there is now a message on one of the pull-down 'cards' that the new software is ready to be installed, with a button at the bottom to install it.

- I have read that interrupting d/load may corrupt it, and so when it installs phone may be bricked. Samsung phone support (who sounded rather uncertain about it) said that. if I try to install the new version the phone may stop working and have to be taken to a service centre. They also said that there is no way to 'flush' the downloaded update and start over.


Many thanks
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Jul 29, 2012
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To backup your data its best to save your data to several locations.... Like external memory card /computer and cloud services ( drop box - Google Drive etc.) To do this you can simply connect your phone to your pc and transfer the files over, then save it again to cloud or other computers..... Remember redundancy is good!

If your phone is rooted and have a custom recovery you can also make a nandroid backup ( 1 on 1 backup of your whole system)... Or use Titanium backup or other apps to backup your data.

As far as contacts... If you use Google you can sync your contacts to their cloud.... They will be safe their... Also you might have contacts being saved to your Sim card...

Interrupting an update in progress is a sure way to hard brick your phone.

Example : phone is connected to Odin and it's flashing firmware.... The cat disconnects the micro USB cord... Boom... Hard brick.

Your case is different... The firmware downloaded to your phone successfully..... Pushing the button and starting the update should reboot the phone and start the update normally.... This is when you want a full battery.... And just put the phone down and let it upgrade....

There is no reason why it shouldn't work.

Good luck.

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