What to do - passing phone on to wife...


Feb 2, 2016
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I'm replacing my S4 with a Note 5, and the S4 will be passed on to my wife (to replace her ancient pre-smart phone Nokia).

I'll be transferring the apps, data etc from the S4 to my Note 5.

Most of the stuff that's on the S4 my wife wouldn't use anyway so I want to start that again from scratch.

I presume a 'factory reset' will accomplish this, removing all data, apps, etc from the device?
Will a factory reset change to OS?
Will a factory reset have any effect on the data on the SD-Card?

How do I go about doing a factory reset, please?

Any tips and advice welcomed ! :D


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Feb 18, 2015
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A factory reset makes the phone all fresh, out-of-the-box like.
The OS remains the same as prior to the factory reset.
SD card has to be formatted to delete everything on it.
And as to how to proceed for a factory reset, try going to 'Settings ==> Device ==> Backup & Reset' (it might be slightly innacurate though, since I haven't fiddle with a Samsung phone in a while now).

I hope it helps! =)