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Nov 13, 2012
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Hello all,

Currently using an iPhone 6 and it's a great phone, but I miss Android. I lasted a good four months with it. I'm thinking of 3 phones. One I can order today, the others I have to wait for.

First let me start off by saying what's important to me.

  • Timely updates
  • Good Camera
  • Speedy UI
  • Finger Print Sensor
  • Beautiful screen
  • Good Size (not to big)
  • Reliable (won't overheat)
  • Battery Life
  • Great phone design

Now these things aren't a necessity, but they are what I care about. For example, I love the Note 4, but there's a few of those things that aren't applicable to the Note. I also like the Moto X, but same thing.

I didn't like the M8 Camera, nor did I care for the Moto X's camera or battery life. These are benchmark complaints. I also thought the Nexus 6 was too large.

Now here's the three phone's I'm considering.

  • White Nexus 6 64GB
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Black 64GB
  • HTC M9 64GB

The Nexus 6 interests me because it has a good camera, great UI performance, good battery, timely updates, but it's too big. Many people and fans say I'll grow to like it in time. I guess I can give that a chance.

The S6 is "Android's iPhone" and it's the best of both worlds it seems like. Great fingerprint sensor, sexy body, decent UI performance, great camera, etc. The things I'm not a fan of is timely updates and there's potential for battery issues.

The M9 is a killer looking phone, great UI performance, decent camera, but my buddy works at Qualcomm and says the Snapdragon 810 does have thermal issues. HTC is not as bad as LG, but he recommends waiting for the next Nexus. He said it's very promising and their "next chip" is significantly better with thermals. He won't go into details with me, but it's some inside info. The other thing that bothers me about the HTC One is the no OIS and unattractive UI (subjectively), but it's very minor for me.

Please offer any advice.

Should I just get the Nexus and wait for the next Nexus, or should I keep the iPhone 6 for a month and get one of the other options and keep that until this time 2016?

I want to sell my iPhone 6 and go back to Android, but I just don't know which Android phone I'm getting.

Thanks all


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Dec 6, 2011
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Personally I'm waiting for the M9... Yes I'm HTC through and through so I am a bit biased, but they have good products and while the camera on the M7, my current device, is a bit shabby, and even though they repeated the mistake on the M8, they have fixed it on the M9. I've seen and read a couple of reviews and it is sounding like they may have gotten right this time. I'm hoping because I'm sure that will be my next device. I'm not a fan of Sammys or Motos. They have let me down in the past. While they offer some innovative features and nice bells with pleasant whistles both fall short in some basic areas. To me it's like Apple. Apple has some really good tech, but the way in which they offer it leaves something to be desired. Smaller screens, good but slower processors, lower RAM, great integration but too may limitations, options with out options... well you see where I'm going being a current owner of an Apple device. Granted they have made some recent changes. I'm actually just waiting for the device manufacturer to come along with a build a phone. Anyway, I'm waiting on the M9, that's the one for me...


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Dec 4, 2012
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I am currently running with an M8. I don't think the camera is that bad. Not great, but not bad, either. The M9 I was hoping for a design change. In terms of hardware, there are some solid steps taken. But overall, the M9 didn't win me over. I still may upgrade to that device, but it's not like they guaranteed me to get one.

I miss my 2013 Moto X. A lot. The camera wasn't great, but suitable for me. The battery life was outstanding. Active display and always listening are nice features for a device. The Amoled screen was kind of blah, but the Active display works better with those types of screens anyway.

Samsung....I will give them credit, they think outside the box. Pushing the envelope for new ideas and designs that it takes something major like the G2/G3 with their features/radical button placement to draw attention away from Samsung. However, I am not too thrilled with how heavy the TW Android skin has been, and with the S6 Edge, I am really curious how much space is going to be reserved for the ROM alone.

Long justification short: I personally would at least wait and see what the new devices are like. A little better to wait and see/hold your choices as opposed to deciding now. Regret is hard to live with. Especially if you have to live with this choice for a year or more.


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Mar 13, 2015
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I own a Note 4 and I love this phone!... I did check out the latest Nexus phone The colors were vibrant! jet fast!...overall very impressed! This is a very large phone, like my Note 4.... I believe you can get use to the size of the Nexus... On my Note 4 you can reduced the size of the screen for people that have smaller hands...and you can move the keyboard to either side... The Note 4 is is a great phone!

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