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whats all this on my screen


New member
Oct 12, 2015
hi all
this is my note 8.0

can anybody tell me what this is on my screen (see photo) and how to clear it 20170902_160404.jpg

many thanks


New member
Apr 29, 2015
Your mainboard is new and not have serial programmed to EPROM.
The ROM is loaded customized firmware with Factory Mode is ON.
In order to turn off this mode, your device need to be rooted to get access to root.

How to Exit Factory Mode for Samsung Galaxy Devices – ZiDroid

After that reflash the stock firmware
This is the firmware released on 2015 (O=15), the custom firmware of your tablet is 2014 (N=14)

You need to learn how to root first, then know how to flash firmware via Odin. Otherwise, the tablet has a limited functions in Factory Mode, even after flashing new firmware.
Root is only option to turn off Factory Mode.
I wonder where you get this new mainboard ? Check the status you will see your tablet has serial number of mainboard which has only numbers.