What's the best ROM for travelers? (details inside)


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Sep 30, 2010
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I'm traveling abroad, and have been for the last several months. Before I left the US, I had updated to EB01 Froyo, with a Voodoo kernel, and added a few mods and a custom theme.

Since I've been out of the loop so long, and now that more stable versions of TW Gingerbread, AOSP, and CyanogenMod have been produced, I'd like to bring my device up to date. However, as I'm traveling without a personal computer, my priority is stability, not the "newest" leak or ROM.

I'm also in a unique situation, because, as I am abroad (Southeast Asia), I have suspended my VZW service, and do not need Voice, SMS, MMS, Data/3G (or wifi tethering for that matter). In fact, I want to keep these features disabled as much as possible (except for assisting AGPS if necessary). I just want a fast, stable, (feature-rich), WIFI-only phone (VOIP), with ability to use my apps. [I recognize that using a full-featured VZW ROM and using Airplane Mode and disabling Data accomplishes my need to remain disconnected from towers, so it's not necessary to point that out - I'm just offering this info to clarify my situation]

Essential features: working wifi, quick and accurate GPS (without using towers if possible, to avoid potential data charges, unless this,isn't an issue), camera, Adobe Flash (I know this has been available since Froyo leaks), and ability to use VOIP (I'm currently using Skype, and when I can get it working, GrooVe IP). Working bluetooth functionality would also be helpful for VOIP (oddly it's not working on my device as currently set up- it won't even enable). Oh, and I have a secondary battery from the SGS Captivate that I want to continue to be able to use as a backup battery.

I'd like to have the quickest device possible, while still maintaining the more important stability, as I will not be able to update the device but very rarely.

I appreciate any insights and suggestions anyone may be able to offer. I know my situation is quite unique, but I'd imagine I'm not the only one wishing to use this great hardware "off-VZW."

Another complication is that most of the Internet Cafes around here do not allow installing software, such as the Samsung USB drivers, or required SDKs. But hopefully I can find a cafe with computers that do allow this, though that may mean it's more vulnerable. Any thoughts on this is appreciated as well.

Thanks again!
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