What's the max operating temp for an HTC One M8 Windows phone?


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what's the max operating temp for an htc one M8 windows phone

i work in the dallas fort worth area aveage hi temp 100-105 as a landscaper. tia, jape


Feb 23, 2011
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Re: what's the max operating temp for an htc one M8 windows phone

The cooler the better for sure, but here's my observations. At about 37°C (~99°F), it'll start reducing charge rates. This can also cause battery drain while plugged in because the phone won't allow a fast enough charge to keep up. I have found using a QC2.0 charger will overcome this, allowing a slow 200-250mAh range of charging current above what it needs to simply run the phone.

At 50°C (122°F), you'll get an overheating notice and the phone will start to throttle back the processor, dim the screen, and possibly other steps to try protecting itself. I only hit that once (my mistake), and immediately cooled it off next to an AC vent. I've heard going much above that can cause physical damage with the LCD screen.

High heat also negatively impacts the battery. Going above 40°C (104°F) can increase the chemical degradation and lower battery life. I know working outside can make it hard to keep it cool. In your case, I'd look into only keeping the phone partially charged, no higher than 75%. Lipo batteries hate heat and hate being fully charged. A fully charged hot lipo is going to go bad quite quickly. Keeping it in the middle range will at least help limit the high temp damage.

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