What's up everybody


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Sep 20, 2010
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Awesome, dude. Welcome around. This is the place to be. I've learned about a ton of apps and home replacements I wouldn't have even known existed had it not been for this site. I love all of the YouTubes of the Hands On reviews of devices and apps. And I learned how to root which made my phone 100x more amazing than it was out of the box, with the help of the awesome techy people around here.

My name's Lindsey, it's nice to meet you. The X seems like an awesome phone. Hope you enjoy it, and if you ever need help with something, there will be dozens of people waiting to do so. :)


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Dec 29, 2010
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Glad to have you on board...my android would have been ok without all the stuff I've learned here, but just that...ok. Now, it's kickin' awesome and getting better every day!

Welcome to the club!