What's up with Xiaomi Mi Box S and how to watch movies

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Hi everyone!

I used a WDTV Media Player for years, but it had some issues. Sometimes it did not notice samba shares, sometimes it ran out of memory, etc. In such cases we had to pull out the power cable and plug it in again, and that solved the problems. Despite these it was a nice media player.

However, because of these annoying things I decided to buy the new Xiaomi Mi Box S.

At first sight it seems to be a disappointment. We use Netflix, Google Play Movies, and HBO Go. Sometimes we also watch movies and series from a samba share. I started testing the box with the latter one. I used VLC, but there seems to be some annoying stuttering/lagging sometimes. I tried the same with Kodi. It's much better there, but there are some noticable things going on there as well. Not to mention Kodi's weird way of selecting audio and subtitle tracks. It's a bit user unfriendly. Sad

Anyone else noticing these things?

Should I have gone for the Apple TV Box? It has a much higher price, but if that works then it might be worth it.