Question WhatsApp voice command interface inconsistency


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May 9, 2023
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Pixel 6 phone, Whatsapp, Cardo motorcycle Bluetooth intercom

Q. When I say "hey google, send message (or whatsapp) to fred blogs" the assistant fires up Whatsapp. Sometimes I receive the normal whatsapp interface and it does speech to text, then shows me two buttons, send/clear, it doesnt talk back. Other times it gives me a different interface, a better/cut down interface which isn't whatsapp, but asks me to say the message and it repeats the message back to me, then it speaks "would you like to send it". I am unsure how to make this interface the default or how to ask to get this interface. I am unsure why it works sometimes and not others.



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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums. I see your question has been here a few days. I'm not a WhatsApp user so I really don't know much about the app or its workings but I recently answered a question about WhatsApp that took me to a list of the best places to ask WhatsApp questions and have discussions about the app.

I hope this link helps you find the answer...