When removing a Region Lock from a Galaxy phone must the phone physically be in that region?


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Aug 2, 2018
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To remove the Region Lock I understand that you must make a call for 5-10 min using a network SIM card from the region the phone originated but could someone clarify must the phone physically be in that region when making the call or merely using a SIM from the region?

I am in the U.S. and have recently purchased a Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915F) online which is an unlocked international version. Though unlocked the phone did not accept any of a number of network SIMs showing Invalid Sim. I contacted Samsung and the discovered the phone was manufactured for use in regions such as Russia, parts of Asia and S. Africa. The phone is new out of box with no documentation so I am convinced the issue is a region lock.

Also for my info when making the 5-10 min. call MUST that call be to a number inside the region or just a call using the SIM? I really like the phone so I'm thinking I will try to get a prepaid SIM from the region hopefully to open up the phone but of course everything would happen from here in the U.S. I appreciate any help.

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