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When will android get the update of the profile pic in the bottom right hand corner of a post

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B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Facebook will often try out new or different features or UI elements with only certain users. I've seen people mention that FB looks different on two of the same devices within their family. So there's really no way to tell.


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Dec 6, 2011
It sounds like you are comparing Apple to Android and I'll just go ahead and burst your bubble now and say that the two will likely never be equal or the same.

Apple has one OS optimized for its devices. This makes uniformity easy for their devices. I just read an article where they talked about how Apple makes it easier for app developers by doing this. This allows them to add features, looks and tweaks that they just can't on Android. Why? Because of the vast variety of devices that run Android. Short, tall, processors from A to Z, camera modules from A to Z, slow RAM, fast RAM, wide screens and narrow screens. Developers just don't have the resources to try and tweak every possibility into the app to anticipate every possible Android device. I want to quote the article but I believe it was something like 500 different devices were released last year that run Android. Even if I'm wrong and it was 200, that's 200 different devices to try and accommodate. Apple puts out about the same thing every year, they only release a few devices which have about the same make-up, infrastructure, so if this years device is a little taller, wider or faster it's easy for developers to accommodate a few changes to a base that isn't really changing that much vs 500 totally different devices. This is one of the draws to Apple, a richer experience in the apps and that experience comes because they hold a sizable market share that developers want to be a part of and a smaller number of variables to achieve this richness. The Android version has to work if you have fingerprint scanner, facial recognition or neither. That renders if you have a 6.1" screen or 5" screen. 1 gig of RAM or 24 gigs.

While it's Android's variety that makes it a desirable OS that same variety has the drawback of pretty vanilla apps. Because of this you will likely always see differences between an app on Android vs an app on Apple.