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Where are the photos in my Gallery?


AC Question

Gallery app problems - Samsung Galaxy S3

My Camera app (the one that came with the phone) seems to decide all by itself which album in the Gallery to put a photo when i take a shot. The problem is that when I try to get the photos downloaded to my PC (I use WiFi File Transfer Pro) only the 16 files that are in the "camera" directory on the phone are actually there. The 250+ photos that got put into a separate album in Gallery are only listed in "thumbnails" and when I download them, they are indeed only thumbnails and not the actual photo. In the phone I can see the properties of the photos and they are full size (3.2 MB for example).

Those 250+ photos are also not listed in the phone's File Manager. I want the originals out of the phone. If I send a photo to myself via email, it's compressed.

I'm currently trying to download them directly from Gallery into Picasa so I'll see if that works.

A second issue is that Gallery isn't even listed in my Application Manager. I have Android 4.4.2 if that helps. If I changed to another Photo app, how would I make sure the camera used it? Am I right to think that if my photos are in Picasa I can delete them from the phone?

Thanks for your help.

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