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Where can I get a Motorola G4 Plus?


AC Question

I know the phone just came out, but does anyone know the best way to get a Motorola G4 Plus 32GB (unlocked) in Canada? Do I need to wait?

Old Stoneface

New member
Nov 16, 2013
Re: Where to get Motorola G4 Plus?

I would stay away from Motorola ;)
I agree with J Dubbs, OP: You might want to rethink this. This generation of the device, the 1st generation since Lenovo took full control of their Motorola Mobility purchase, appears to be plagued with problems. From the reviews I read: It is also not of the same quality as the previous three generations of Moto G devices. Lastly: Early indications are that Lenovo's support leaves something to be desired.