Where can I pitch an idea for a new app?


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I have an idea for an app but have no idea where I can pitch my idea to. I have no knowledge of coding etc and no money to pay a developer. The site Applits used to hold a monthly competition where the app idea with the most votes by its users would be created, free of cost to the person who came up with the idea. However Applits no longer does this. Does anyone know where/what sites do something similar?


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you can't create a working version of the app, and aren't willing to pay a developer to develop your idea, forget it. No one writes code on spec any more. (It's 2016, not 1990.)

Sites like that "no longer do this" because people are tired of developing apps and getting nothing for months of hard work. It's also why developers stopped doing it in the 90s.

Every so often, the idea resurfaces. Then, after a while, people get tired of the same old "you'll get 50% of everything I get" nonsense, buy a cup of coffee with what they've earned in a year and stop being interested in producing apps for someone else.

It's a process that doesn't work, but every decade or so, people forget that and try again. And it fails again.

Why work for 6 months developing an app you'll get $5 for, when you can be earning $100/hour working for a company that develops software? The numbers just don't work. And if you're a REALLY good, proven developer, $100/hour is what you get for the first few months - until the company sees that you really ARE that good - then they pay you your real salary. So writing an app for someone and getting a few bucks for it? Only if you're so bored that suicide seems like an exciting thing to try. (I've been retired for a few years, and would love to have a reason to write some code. But it would be for me, or for what I earned before I retired. On spec? I'd rather sit here and help people fix their phones. "Thank you, it worked" is worth more to me than $5 for an app. [I helped a lady get back a few hundred deleted pictures taken the day of her daughter's birth. You can't make me feel that good with money.])

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