Where can I purchase a reliable replacement charging port for my Galaxy Tab S 10.5?


Aug 5, 2015
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So my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is beginning to show its age with its ability to charge, or in my case, not to charge.

Why the tablet is active, if I have the USB cord plugged in and its getting an extremely slow to no charge rate. If ANY applications are active, it drains of power (albeit very slowly), and will not charge at all, despite the battery icon with the little charging symbol being visible, in any situation.

If the tablet is OFF and plugged in, it charges slowly, but it still charges.

I recently went onto Amazon and purchased at "new" charging port dock in the hopes of fixing the situation myself.

Alas, I should have known that the $14.99 price point was to good to be true and it didn't work. Once installed, the tablet would not charge under any condition. So I took it out and replaced it with the factory original, which still provides a minimal charge.

#1 Does anyone know where I can purchase a legitimate, official Samsung replacement for the USB Dock and SD Card slot reader?

#2 Does Samsung sell parts direct to consumers?

I need a reliable part that's not sold by a scammer, or at least a retail shop that has these parts and can replace or repair for a fair price.


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Apr 29, 2015
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Don't blame a new USB flex charging port if nothing changes after replacing the old one.
It is the first one to try if you're having charging problem. If problem is not solved then it's from something else along the circuit. Most Samsung tablets have a common problem from battery connectors.
-The one from mainboard ( black connector ) needs to be resoldered.
- The one from battery ( white connector ) needs to adjust the cable for better contact.
You need to read the threat: Flickering screen from Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 to understand why these connectors are the source of problem.
Soldering is beyond the scope of most users, I believe the best source is sending it to a Samsung repair center or going to a repair shop who can do the rework of battery connector.

You can check yourself by this tool

If the charging current is not around 1.5 to 1.7 Amps, something is defective along the chain of charging circuit:
USB port, battery connectors, battery, or mainboard. Sometime it's just a bad USB cable or charger, but some people cannot figure out these simple troubleshooting steps just by guessing.

Answer your two questions:
1- Most Samsung parts can find on Ebay or Amazon, but Ebay is the best source.
Samsung parts made from China, Samsung doesn't make these parts, so everything you see on Ebay or Amazon are the same as OEM parts.
This is from Chinese seller, it's only $4.74

2- Samsung doesn't sell parts, they only accept tablets sending for repair: In Warranty or Out Warranty. Your problem may cost under $80 if it's not related to mainboard.
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Mar 5, 2019
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My Tab S 10.5 has similar battery issues. If I charge it while using it, the charging block gets fairly hot. If I charge it while not using it, it gets mildly warm.

I also jacked up the original cord that came with it but have found a reasonable replacement, even though it is only about ten inches long.

This tablet still functions at a decent level. Definitely got my money's worth with it.