Where can I purchase a screen replacement for my NuVision TM1099?


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Screen Replacement for NuVision TM1099

Where can one purchase replacement screens for NuVision Tablets or are there compatible/interchangeable ones of another brand. NuVision want me yo send it to them with no cost estimate, I pay shipping and no assurance they can replace the screen at all


May 7, 2017
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I had a NūVision tablet which functioned on O-S "KitKat". A TM1088 or something like that. I accidentally dropped from the distance of my knees once NO twice! days later I took it to best-buy geek squad, they told me they would have to ship it to the manufacturer because it was such an uncommon brand that they didn't have any of it's essential parts locally. Yes, the cost of me shipping it to them would've been at my expense, plus what they'd charge me to replace its screen ofcourse.