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Where is the keypad to dial out?

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I have a Moto g stylus. Where is the key pad to make a call?


New member
Jul 7, 2013
Open your phone app, is there an icon in the bottom right that is a circle with the 10-key layout of a phone dial pad in it?

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New member
Dec 6, 2011
Your saying when you open your phone app a dialer option won't open?

Yeah I'm a bit confused as well. Obviously I don't know everyone in the world but I only see a few options for what is wrong here;

>The Phone app has been removed from the home screen. Open the app drawer scroll or slide to the "P"s, press and hold the phone app icon until it floats or gives the option to add to the home screen and then add it back.

>When you open the phone app you don't see the 10 key display to dial with. Somewhere on that screen there should be something that says or hints to making a Call, Keypad, or an icon representing the keypad. You may be able to just slide the whole screen to the right to find it.

>With the phone app open and the keypad visible it will not allow you to dial. This could get tricky and would take more than a sentence or two to explain so you'll have to comment for more on this.

>Or none of these fit your issue. In which case again you will have to give us more than one sentence with some detail to get advice.