Where is the water damage indicator on the LG G4?


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Where is the water damage indicator on the LG G4

I dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday while it was flushing, so there was very little water in it. The part that I had dropped it on is the bottom where the speaker and the headphone jack are. I had it in rice from 7am yesterday to about 5am today so for 22 hours about. Its currently working, as far as turning on and off fine but only when I pull the battery out. The touchscreen worked for about 5 minutes then just became unresponsive. Ive been trying to find where the water damage indicator is and the only things that I can see is right above the SIM card slot there is a small white circle, there is also a small white circle on the top left side of the battery. Both are still white but I'm not sure thats even the water damage indicator. I'm going to my cell phone company after work to see if they know but I thought I might get a quicker answer from you guys :) Thanks!


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Jun 7, 2015
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Re: Where is the water damage indicator on the LG G4

Just a thought: I had some electronics get water-damaged a few years ago. Following what I read online, I stuck it in a sealed bag of rice for a week, with some improvement, but it still didn't work.

Then I bought some silica desiccant gel (reusable, in a little metal tin), and tried putting it in a bag with that. After maybe a day (I forget exactly) it was actually working OK again. I can only assume that the silica "tries harder" than the rice does, to pull moisture from the air, and is more effective.

What I bought was like this:

After it gets wet, you can stick it in the oven to dry it out again, for re-use.

But you can also buy silica gel locally and in larger quantities from crafts stores as "flower drying" gel, such as:

Also, some all-crystal cat litter is silica gel, I believe.

No guarantees, of course, but it might be worth a shot, for ~$10, especially if the company does not want to help you.

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