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Which mobile network is my xperia E4 locked to?


New member
Apr 19, 2016
Hey guys, I've used this forum when looking for info about other irritating problems (usually involving play store), but I couldn't find any about the sim lock and an apn called euinternet so I signed up to ask.
I'm using the xperia E4 e2105 (not rooted, kingroot failed), I brought it used and it works really well but when I switch it on I get the sim lock prompt no matter which networks sim I use.
I checked the xperia service menu hoping it would tell me which network it needed and there was nothing, I checked settings>about phone>status>network and it says no service, so I looked at the apns and found one that I don't recognise called euinternet.
When I looked it up I discovered that it was some sort of European initiative to reduce roaming charges and not a lot more than that.
There are no network apps, no network logos on the case or the box and I can't find a way to know which network it is locked to anywhere.
I'm worried that I may have brought a used contract phone, i've been using android since the LG gt540 came out and I've never come across this before, I wanna know which network it wants or how to get rid of the sim lock all together.
Thanks in advance for you're suggestions and soz about any rubbish spelling or punctuation I've already had to rewrite this because the browser crashed

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